My Story

Judith Royle has had 40 years experience in serving people to become empowered and live life to their highest potential. As part of her journey in acquiring these skills she was an Elementary School Principal and is a Healing Practitioner.

She incorporates a wide range of tools that meet the needs of a diverse society in this age of dynamic change.

Judith is the tour guide for people who want to create their hearts' desires

The Early Days

My journey into becoming a healer was an unexpected, interesting one. Originally from Ontario, Canada, I spent the first part of my working life in the teaching profession. During the last three years of my career as an elementary school Principal, there were labour disputes.  This put Principals in the middle of School Board positioning, staff, students, parent and public scrutiny.  I did not want to retire from this life long career with a sour taste in my mouth.  I knew I would have to manage my stress and negative thoughts better or I would end up on Prozac for the rest of my life.  

In an effort to reduce stress from my situation, a friend suggested that I try Reiki.  At that time, I asked what the heck Reiki was (I didn’t know) but, trusting my friend's recommendation, I signed up for Level 1. I was eager to try anything.   My thinking shifted to being more positive and I felt more hope for the future.  I was suddenly able to focus on what I needed to do to make my last two years before retirement vital.  I was peering into a tunnel, seeing light and it wasn't a freight train.   With Reiki energy I was able to share that enthusiasm with staff and students.  It was contagious. Seeing such huge benefits from Level 1, I then registered for Level 11 shortly thereafter. 

The Master Teacher asked me why I was taking Level 11 so soon.  I thought she was suggesting that I hadn’t given myself enough time to practice.  I assured her my intention was for self- help practices only. She replied that I had misinterpreted her question.  She said I had healing hands and I should pursue healing work.  That was opening the flood gates for me. You could have knocked me over with a feather and I felt like I had been hit by a lightning rod.  This was my soul purpose!  I had known since was a child I had certain “gifts” but, now I had direction on my soul path.

Finding My Soul’s Purpose

Reiki was only the beginning.  The modalities I learned had such a positive impact on me that I was compelled to share these treasures with others.  I realized "once a teacher, always a teacher" because nothing stoked my fire more than instilling Reiki skills and values and seeing these students perpetuate the joy that comes from serving others.  Reiki was the stepping stone to becoming a Spiritual Counsellor and Life Coach as I came to believe, if the soul is healed, the rest will follow. I went on to apprenticeship training in Soul Genesis and became a certified instructor.  EMF Balancing Technique ® became another approach to healing, along with Healing Touch, Past Life Regression, Crystal healing and Crystal Singing Bowl Sound healing.

There were times in my life I felt unloved, abandoned, emotionally abused and just not good enough.  I took to my bed for days and decided to let the world pass me by.  If it had not been for this work, I would still be wallowing in it.  As I gathered these tools for my personal toolbox, I found myself ready to facilitate others in their healing process.

Moving Home To “The Rock”

You may be wondering what brought me to Newfoundland from Ontario.  Twenty years ago my son attended MUN University and on Labour Day weekend I visited to see how he was adjusting to University life.  That was my first taste of Newfoundland life.   A few years ago a good friend bought a house in Tors Cove, NL, and I arrived a month later to help her get settled.  I fell in love with the community, the vistas and the friendliness of the people. Eventually the call was so strong I made a leap of faith and bought a house on the ocean leaving family, friends and a clientele behind.  Thank goodness for Skype! 

 I can say to future clients that in my life, I have discovered my authentic self, and as a result, I understand other people’s challenges in that search of living their potential and standing in their power.. 

I have never looked back and every day, I wake up with a grateful heart, singing, “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”.  I raise the eyebrows of neighbours, but they surely feel this amazing energy too.

Thank you for being here with me on this journey. 

It’s my pleasure to serve you. 



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