On Demand Workshops

The Royle Treatment periodically offers workshops and courses to individuals or groups who want to learn more about the various modalities and services we offer.

Workshops and courses are offered in the Toronto area but other locations can be accomodated as well.

Reading The Akashic Records:
The student will learn dowsing with a pendulum, guidelines for spiritual discernment, working with Creator energy, ascended Master teachers and the Archangels to intercede and assist.
1 day course:    $85.00

Soul Origination:
The student will discover his/her Soul’s purpose and mission in the world, appreciate the diversity of the many Soul groups that will be encountered in a lifetime, a deepening of connections with others as Soul groups’ characteristics are understood.
1 day course: $95.00

Spirit Guide and Archangel Realms:
The student will learn about the seven archangel realms connected with earth. The student will learn about their inner and outer circle of Spirit Guides and how they assist in day to day life.
1 day course: $85.00

Soul Reading and Clearings:
For students who have a calling to further assist others with soul clearing, with permission and Divine guidance and well-focussed intents, will learn how to identify a Soul’s profile and condition.
1 day course: $350.00

House/Building/Property Reading and Clearing:
A student will learn to identify positive and negative energy within a building and property and clear the space creating a healthier, protected environment.
1 day course: $85.00

Higher Level Clearings, Illusions & Implants:
The student will learn more complex information on energy that may be limiting one’s forward movement in life and how to clear blockages.
1 day course: $85.00

Blueprint Repatterning:
The student will learn about his/her Soul’s blueprint and how it connects with the Soul’s plan and purpose in the world.
1 day course: $85.00

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