Soul Genesis Readings & Clearings

Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels and not getting too far as a result of all your effort?

Soul Genesis is a powerful means of journeying through self discovery providing an awareness of your multidimensional self at a planetary, solar system, galactic, universal and cosmic level. As you walk through the Destiny Gateways to the fourth dimension, it allows you to release old patterns that no longer serve a purpose. As you heal interdimensionally you are able to walk the bridge to Wholeness allowing the circle to be complete. Soul Genesis gives you the opportunity to dance the dance of life with grace and without the struggle we seem to encounter along the path of personal growth.

A client referred to this process as “Spring Cleaning for the Soul”. It allows us to clean house on many levels in getting rid of the clutter that keeps us from seeing things with clarity. Envision yourself standing in the hallway of a beautiful building. A breeze is blowing through and as the front door opens, the back door slams shut. A vacuum is created the instant before the door swings open. This is the vantage point many of us find ourselves, ready to move on, yet somehow frozen in space and time. Through a multitude of clearings designed to meets individuals’ needs, an energetic flow creates movement in the direction for your highest good. It assists you in deciding which path to take as you stand at the four corners of the roads ahead.

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