What to Expect the first time

The information provided is gleaned from the Akashic Records, which are accessed by a sacred prayer and only with your permission.

Soul Group Origination

Understanding a soul’s origination gives you insight as to specific personality traits. People carry traits that stem from their original source of energy. It helps you understand the energies that influence us as spiritual beings. Understanding the soul’s personality aids you in bridging the gap between the conscious mind and the soul mind. Some traits you will find, present challenges while other traits are seen as strengths. Given that you have free will and choice at first breath, you decide how you are going to work with both your strengths and weaknesses. There are souls originated here on earth and others have had experience and inhabited other planets thousands of years ago. It’s all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together of who you really are.

Training Your Soul Has Received From Archangel Realms

There is a wealth of information available to us about the Angels. They too are showing us that the collective consciousness also wishes to align with Spirit. We each have primary soul training in one or more Archangel Realms. This information adds a depth of understanding that along with the personality traits of the various soul groups sheds more light on our characteristics. It also explains how we interact with each other and how we go about our soul work for this lifetime. It is this Creator energy that helps us with our work as evolving beings.


These are vibrations that extend around each of us. They keep our physical and subtle bodies in sacred space and repel negativity projected by others. In some cases shields are not present due to a variety of reasons. This may result in the feeling of being vulnerable and unprotected.

Spirit Guides

You will be introduced to your inner circle of spirit guides, how many there are and whether they are female and/or male energy. In some cases there may be negative spirit guides present. They may manifest in daily life by a feeling that you can’t trust your intuition. Spiritual discernment needs to be developed where a Universal Law governs all interaction with your guides as a loving connection. Messages are direct and simple. They give encouragement and advice in the highest good of all. You make your own decisions as their focus is to empower.

The second half of the reading determines what is impacting you in the here and now that requires clearing. Entities, past and present are identified as well as negative thought forms within your energy field. Information is revealed that may explain blockages and limitations to your forward movement and in making changes in this process.

The Clearing

The amazing part of this work is that there are clearings in the form of prayer requests and releases that move disruptive energy. When all is said and done you are given a clean slate. Having said that, our complexities can be described as peeling the layers of an onion. For every layer we heal, another is revealed. In most readings, you are given the information and then you decide how it is to be addressed. We are often at a loss as to what to do next. A Soul Genesis Reading not only identifies what has impeded and blocked progress, but provides the clearings enabling you to see with clarity the path ahead.

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