Wow! I recently had the great treat of receiving a Soul Genesis reading & clearing with Judith and it was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. The accuracy of everything that that came through my reading was astonishing. In under and hour, Judith presented everything to me in a way that made my whole life make sense. She pin-pointed beliefs I have held that have presented as obstacles for me in the past and cleared that which is not serving me. I felt the impact of the clearing immediately and found myself feeling light, buoyant and full of energy after our session. The value of the insight and clarity I received from the reading was truly invaluable to me and I can't underestimate the sense of validation and affirmation that came with that clarity. It was truly a pivotal and life-changing experience. I am more confident than ever that I am on my true path and in alignment with my purpose. Judith, you are a great gift - I feel so very, very grateful and truly blessed that our paths have crossed. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

~ Laura Slinn

The Royle Treatment periodically offers workshops and courses to individuals or groups who want to learn more about the various modalities and services we offer.

Workshops and courses are offered in the Toronto area but other locations can be accomodated as well. If you seek a balanced harmonious life, click enroll to start your path to a better you!

~ Nancy - Mississauga, Ontario

About my new Friend and Teacher… Judith Royle

In the short time I have known Judith has helped me move forward on my path using her wonderful connection to Spirit and vast knowledge in the healing field. I trusted her immediately to work on me and have total faith in her ability to keep me safe. She moves through her work with a gentleness and Grace that is hard to come by.

I had the honour of taking a course with her and she is a wonderful Teacher. It's a special treat her being in town with us as she travels a lot, If you need any healings done make sure you call her today for a treatment. You will be happy you did.

Thank you Judith for being my Inspiration.

Until we meet again,

~ Sharon

True to your company name, I felt that I was given the Royle Treatment...

I was very impressed with the Reiki 1 course. I greatly appreciated your complete dedication, numerous extra touches and the amazing practice opportunity you arranged and provided me. Your instructions were clear and you were open to my questions. It was a complete pleasure taking the course over the weekend in the comforting, warm, nurturing space you have created at The Royle Treatment. Diane was a wonderfully wise, experienced client. I truly value the gift of being able to work with her, do healing work together with you and all of the precious feedback she shared from our two sessions.

~ Anonymous

I have to say that it gave me a lot of peace and comfort. I have been searching for answers that life is beyond the practical side of things. You have opened the door for me to new and better things in my life. Also, it increased my self-esteem. Yes I did notice a great improvement, especially how people reacted to me and situations, and I don't feel like my energy is being zapped anymore. I knew I needed help, divine intervention, because I couldn't figure out why things would be great one minute and then bang, horrible the next.


~ Anonymous

Every session whether EMF Balancing or Soul Genesis, has affected me differently and with varying intensity. What I have noticed is that each treatment appears to build on the previous, with subtle yet profound results. Because of the nature of the work, I also know that for me the immediate results, as profound as they've been, are just the tip of the iceberg, as energies continue to shift and realign, and I continue to heal.

~ Anonymous

I just wanted to send you a note regarding the Soul Genesis session we recently had. Being a Energy practitioner myself I still find I need to work with others to receive the clarity and often insight that I can't always find by myself. I recently had been feeling restless and looking at situations in my life wondering what is it all about. I know that we are in a time of transition but I was not sure how to take the next step or in fact the first step along this often chaotic and fast paced time. As always after a Soul Genesis session I find that the information is relevant, and is something that resonates so profoundly. I know that on a sub conscious level I know the information but it is not always accessible by my conscious mind and that I only gain access to it during the Soul Genesis session. During a session we discover where the blockages occur and through the prayer requests release them and I always find this to be so accurate and efficient. It is really so simple and effective it's amazing.

I often talk to people and wonder why they are not using this fantastic modality to clear their lives and live the soul purpose we are designed to do. We often think everything is okay but when we really look at our life we see we are struggling in many areas and instead we could be doing this with Grace and Ease.

Thank you for bringing this modality into my life I am grateful for your insight, your passion for your work and your wonderful way of bringing clarity to my life. I for one choose Grace and Ease for navigating the journey of my Soul Purpose by truly living my life the way it was designed and intended and will continue to do this by using Soul Genesis as a means to accomplish that.

~ Barb

First let me thank you for last Thursday night. I can still see ALL those visuals I got during our meditation , as strong as if I saw then an hour ago . - I have known and felt this particular

guide for a long time - not realizing that his deep sonorous voice was that of a guide - I thank-you deeply for channeling and relaying this message to me. My soul is filled with gratitude for the love that I feel and that same love will help me to be that anchor, messenger and connection. From my knowing place, your voice has directed me to realize that this is a journey only she can take and with all of my soul I am trying to let it all unfold.

Sometimes I grasp at straws in my physical-ness ; my soul asks me to stop, be present and accept each moment for what it is.

~ Betty

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